Video: How to Teach Tennis to Young Beginners and Children

✭✭✭✭✭ Every tennis player, beginning or experienced, has a desire to play well and reach their potential. Therefore, more and more leading coaches advocate the Advanced Foundation, rather than the transitional method of learning tennis. The reason is that with the right fundamentals your technique will never have to be changed. Yes, at times, Transitional Learning can offer more immediate gratification, since it permits getting the ball over the net any way possible, with whatever grip and swing. But, bad habits set in quickly and can become a source of frustration down the road. Better is to learn it right, stay focused, and reach your potential with fewer speed bumps, road blocks, and detours along the way. Thats why we call this series Fast Lane Tennis. This clip is the introduction to the entire 10-show series that aired on television on The Tennis Channel in the United States as ten 30-minute instructional programs. This series is full of rapid improvement tips to speed up learning the Advanced Foundation, understanding that fun, improvement, and immediate gratification are all very important. In short, Start em young, start em right!

How to Teach Tennis to Young Beginners and Children

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How to Teach Tennis to Young Beginners and Children


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