Video: How to get 3 stars: Mario Kart Wii

✭✭✭✭✭ Since most "cheat" sites say: "to unlock so and so, beat these cups with a 1 star ranking or better." Yet they fail to tell you how to get a star ranking and all the sites that do, its very minimal and 95% incorrect. Now I will go over each engine level and how to get a 3 star ranking. All information is factual based and in no way speculated. 50cc: Stay on the course at all times and dont hit walls or edges.(so you cant use mushrooms to do a jump/shortcut by going off course.) Falls allowed: 2 Go ahead and get hit by all the items you want, it wont make a difference. 100c: Wheelies and Tricks. Going off course is okay. 2 Falls allowed 150c: Tricks, item block, take out others with items. 2 Falls allowed Mirror: Just do all you can do (tricks, items**, dodging.) 2 Falls allowed. (Though its kinda over when you fall just one time) General Info for all Engine Levels: Dodging a blue shell with a mushroom will give you bonus points in getting a 3 star ranking. Not getting hit a lot in 100cc 150cc Mirror will give you higher chance of 3 stars. You must get 60 points for a 3 star rank. (No, Really?) **Drift Boosts are always fun to do** Personal Info: Yes, I have been hit by every single item you can throw forward when I threw it. Been hit by 5 Blue Shells in one race. Been hit by Blue shell, four red shells then a star. Been denied 1st place at the last .3 seconds. (Yes, I have once or twice thrown the wheel) Fun to know: If someone gets hit with a red shell and then bumped by another racer almost instantly after he got hit by the shell, he will bounce as far a double bounce from a bullet bill collision. Using a Giant Mushroom form, you are still vulnerable to Bullet Bill. Fastest Dk Mountain Time: 2:13 Note(s): Staying in the front of the race the whole time and finishing 3-5 seconds in front of the 2nd placer is false information. You can be in the middle the whole game and finish first at the last second and you will still get a 3 star ranking. Using bullet bill by staying in the back on purpose wont give you 3 stars. And yes, star items do pop out of leaves in MapleTreeWay. Whats this about racing the expert ghosts? Theyre all so easy. The only ones that are slightly challenging are Ghost Valley, Rainbow Road, Bowser's Castle. Hackers: (So Annoying) Mass blue shells, Mass Bombs, Mass mushrooms, Mass stars. One game I had mass blue shells, mass bombs and two mass star users and I still got first place. Yet I got hacked down to 3rd place. Most hackers are 9999. So how many 9999 racers are actually legitimate? I say 20%. Known Hackers: Stang, OvaryPunch, ****Star****, Player I like how you try to pretend to not have hacks by letting yourself get hit by a blue shell only to just blast away with mass mushrooms once I get close to you. If any of you beat the Expert Ghost on Shy Guy Beach with a Mach Bike, post the video. I say its impossible.

How to get 3 stars: Mario Kart Wii

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How to get 3 stars: Mario Kart Wii


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