Video: How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2

✭✭✭✭✭ CD "Sounds of Light - Overtone Singing Solo" more about Miroslav Grosser and his vocal art: individual sessions in english in Berlin or per phone/skype overtone/nada yoga workshops and concerts worldwide additional information to sing the vowel technique: 1. Relax 2. Hum a steady base note and allow the vibration to spread out through your whole body 3. Choose a vowel and sing it loud and strong, but relaxed 4. Practise to change one vowel into another in a gliding manner (try different vowels) 5. Go back and forth between u and e so slow as you can and listen carefully to the stepwise change of the sound 6. Try to reduce the speed more and more to hear the subtle jumps of the harmonics better and better 7. Stop the flow of time like a film and sing a steady base note AND a steady overtone in the same time 8. Try to reproduce the changing of harmonics in small steps to learn the natural scale of harmonics 9. Start to sing little melodies with the overtones 10. Try to change the base note during singing overtones PS: There are techniques to amplify the loudness of the overtones. I recommend to learn this vowel based technique at first to get better results. lessons in Berlin or per phone/skype: With best regards Miroslav Grosser

How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2

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How to sing OVERTONES: Part 1/2


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