Video: PGA Golf Lesson: Scoring Zone (Chipping & Pitching Tips)

✭✭✭✭✭ Becoming a more confident player in the golf scoring zone is an easy way to knock strokes off your score, which means you have to improve your golfing abilities around the green. First, Charlie King explains the difference between pitching and chipping, and discusses what you should do before you prepare to swing and how you should set your stance, posture and grip. Then, Charlie and Brian Manzella teach you some of the ways to improve your short game by demonstrating the mechanics for distance control and showing you how to make solid contact. Finally, you'll learn some fun practice games that you can use to challenge yourself and prepare for the shot-by-shot nature of a round on the course, rather than a sequence of chipping and pitching technique shots at the range. Interested in taking your game to an even higher level? Find a PGA Instructor near you. Go to

PGA Golf Lesson: Scoring Zone (Chipping & Pitching Tips)

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PGA Golf Lesson: Scoring Zone (Chipping & Pitching Tips)


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