Video: Learn Hip Hop Dance: The Dougie

✭✭✭✭✭ How to Dougie: The Dougie is similar to a two step, only you won't be bringing your feet together. You'll first learn the footwork, followed by the upper body move. You'll then learn some options for arm and head moves. Legs1. Step to the left with your left foot. 2. Bring your right foot slightly to the left, turning it slightly inward as you do so. Land the foot on its ball. During this, bend your knees to do a dip. 3. Bring your right foot straight to the right, pushing off with the ball, keeping it turned in. During this, you'll be unbending your knees. This is how to Dougie to the right. Continue to the left: 4.  Bring your left foot to the right slightly, turning it slightly inward. Land the foot on its ball. During this, do a dip. 5. Step your left foot straight to the left, pushing off with the ball, keeping it turned in and geting out of the dip. Torso Lean to the right, then fluidly move your torso back to the center and lean to the left. Now, add this to the footwork moves. When you step to the side, you'll be leaning towards that side. Whenever you're doing a dip, that's when you're centering your body to lean into the other direction. Arms There is no specific arm movement associated with this move, so feel free to get creative with it. Here's a suggested arm movement: While you step to the side, push with your fist up towards your opposite shoulder. Your other arm should be straight down, fist pointed down. When you're dipping, bring the pushing fist down the length of your straight arm. For the next side step, bring the other arm up to push with your fist. So if you're stepping right with your right foot, push with your left fist towards the right shoulder. Bring the left fist down the length of the right arm. Step with your left foot, pushing with your right fist towards the left shoulder. Head Here's a head movement option: When you step out, glance down towards the heel of the foot you're stepping away from your body with. Double To do a double during the Dougie to the right, move the right foot to the left, then step it to the right, then to the left, then to the right again. Combination After mastering the Dougie, try this combination: right, left, double to the right, left, right, double to the left. Music by Btonez of #TeamWest Productions Read more by visiting our page at:

Learn Hip Hop Dance: The Dougie

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Learn Hip Hop Dance: The Dougie


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