Video: Here's how to enter my Wild Orchid Crafts giveaway (closed)

✭✭✭✭✭ Hi everybody :) Here's a link to the blog post with the entry requirements or just keep reading: To celebrate my very first design team project for Wild Orchid Crafts I've decided to do a giveaway :) Here's how to enter for a chance to win :) To enter the giveaway for a chance to win you must follow these four steps: (You only get one entry, I'm keeping it simple, and I'm drawing the winner:) 1. Create your own mixed media canvas based on my upcoming tutorial, No need to copy my canvas I strongly encourage you to do your own take on this, and I'd Love it if you'd bring your own techniques to the table :) 2. Do a video response, or blog post linking to this tutorial: sharing your canvas to add to the inspiration. It can be just a slide show, showing off your piece, but I'd Love if you'd take the time to talk us through your work and the techniques you've used that aren't already explained in the video. But if you don't feel comfortable speaking in your videos, just film it/slide show it :) For those of you who don't do videos but have a blog, do a blog post on your work showing it off and send me a pm with a link to your blog. 3. Title your entry: Entry for LivArtNow's Wild Orchid Crafts giveaway I'll be posting the links to the blog entries in the description box below the tutorial, so everyone interested can find them and visit the participants blogs for inspiration. 4. Link to my canvas tutorial: and Wild Orchid Crafts webshop: in the description box below your video and go to the tutorial video linked above, and make your video a video response to the tutorial video. Wild Orchid Craft's webshop: my tutorial: Here's a link to a video explaining how to do a video response in case you don't know how :) If your doing a blog post instead of a video response you must link to my altered canvas tutorial video and to Wild Orchid Crafts web shop in your blog post You have until September 10th to post your video response or pm me about your blog post I'll write down the name of those entering meeting the above mentioned criteria and the winner will be drawn 11th of September 10 o'clock in the evening Norwegian time and I'll do a video on the drawing :) The winner gets a 20 pound gift card to use at WOC (that equals approx. 31 dollars or 23 euros). The winner also gets the canvas I create in my video tutorial, I'll be sharing some of my Wild Orchid Crafts flowers, pluss a couple of little surprise extras I'll include in the package as well. The winner needs to create an account with WOC if he/she hasn't already got one, this is free of charge, to redeem their 20 pound gift card, and must also send me their email address in a personal message on youtube or as a comment to this blogpost to claim the prize :) I hope you'll find time to create an altered canvas and enter my giveaway for a chance to win! Have a wonderful day, hugs and smiles, Linda

Here's how to enter my Wild Orchid Crafts giveaway (closed)

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Here's how to enter my Wild Orchid Crafts giveaway (closed)


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