Video: Beginner Acoustic Blues Chords (Guitar Lesson)

✭✭✭✭✭ Here's a fun guitar lesson on some great sounding beginner acoustic blues chords for you. These basic blues chords are used in hundreds of different songs. The chords are E7, A7 and B7. If you know the pentatonic minor scale, you can have some fun soloing over these acoustic blues chords in the E pentatonic minor scale, and it will sound great. We have many more guitar lessons for beginners on acoustic and electric in the Riff Ninja Academy - check it out here: For my free e-course for beginners, visit: The Definitive Beginners' Guide to Acoustic (and Electric) Guitar For the complete course please visit: Click here for a 3 Day Free Trial at Riff Ninja Academy!

Beginner Acoustic Blues Chords (Guitar Lesson)

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Beginner Acoustic Blues Chords (Guitar Lesson)


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