Video: How to Find a Tennis Grip (in High Definition)

✭✭✭✭✭ This video explains how to find a tennis grip. Grips are EXTREMELY important. They are the foundation for every single shot you hit in tennis. For each particular shot there is a range of grips you can use. Choosing a grip should not be taken lightly because how you hold the racket affects how you swing up to the tennis ball. This, in turn, affects the type of ball you hit and, consequently, it can influence your style of play. For example, Roger Federer has a conservative grip because he is an attacking player and that grip lets him swing through the ball more easily (than an extreme grip). On the other hand, Rafael Nadal plays with a very extreme grip because that makes it easier for him to swing up on the ball and hit with heavy topspin. So make sure you spend some time thinking about your grip and how it fits into the larger framework of your style of play. For more free tennis lessons on the grips and other aspects of the sport, please visit !

How to Find a Tennis Grip (in High Definition)

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How to Find a Tennis Grip (in High Definition)


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