Video: ♥Mirotic Dance TUTORIAL Part1

✭✭✭✭✭ THIS IS MIRRORED~! ----------------------------- So! originally I was gonna re-record this in slower beat like my SHINee Replay one, but turns out I'm not gonna have any chance to dance soon so I made this anyway... lol I'm like showing the whole world all my mistakes haha, I put the real dance in front so you wont learn what I did wrong I wasn't sure how fast or slow I should make it, I know people with dancing background can catch up with a "too slow" tut, but people without any wont with the "too fast" ones, so I made it like this :) (coz I thought my Replay was slow enough but I got a lot of comments saying it should be slower ^^;) I hope this is helpful for those who wanna learn it^^

♥Mirotic Dance TUTORIAL Part1

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♥Mirotic Dance TUTORIAL Part1


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