Video: Awesound TV - Singing Lesson for Beginners with Eric Arceneaux (Part 7/11)

✭✭✭✭✭ Get FREE ACCESS to my music course SUPERNOVA: If you use Gmail, make sure to star mark the confirmation email you will find in your "campaign tap" to receive the course. Facebook: Instagram: For more information on Eric's AApproach method and training opportunities, please visit or find him on YouTube - Eric Arceneaux has been called a legend by many within today's music industry. The New Orleans native and Hurricane Katrina survivor turned down two major label record deals, in order to do things his way? And it worked! Through his popular Youtube channel (over 20 Million hits to date), Eric's fans have witnessed his journey into becoming a full successful independent recording artist and a world-renowned vocal coach. Eric has been featured in USA Today, Singing Success Online Magazine, and Broadway Talk Radio. His students include Broadway stars, like Motown: The Musical's Bryan Terrel Clark, Xfactor finalist David Correy, and even the Champion U.S. Olympic gymnast John Orozco. With millions of hits online, students on every continent, and thousands of CD's sold worldwide, Eric Arceneaux is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps Eric's most notable contribution to the artistic community is his voice training method, The Arceneaux Approach (AApproach). The AApproach was born of years of research that resulted in the revelation that our bodies are actually designed to sing. - Eric Arceneaux Interview In Sweden and everywhere, people have the opportunity to sing in school. Then people judge them and it is almost like an ingrained belief that some people can sing and others can't. That's the standard way of thinking of singing and off music. It is so sad that that's what is going on. I want everyone who wants to sing, should have the opportunity to learn and get through that first time aligning with sounding good and bearing through those first times when it doesn't sound so good. But I really think everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to sing. It is so cool that you kept on going there and not stopping there. I completely agree with you that it is our birthright to sing. I also wanted to ask_ How does your singing program work? What can a student expect from your program and how does it work practically? Well, we have three courses on Udemi right now and you can go to to get to these. We have a professional vocal warmup that is free and you go through all the crazy motions and sounds to begin to open up and strengthen your instrument. You make a lot of crazy sounds and silly gestures but if you read the comments on YouTube or on Udemi you'll find that people exclaiming that "OMG if works it really works!" They are surprised because the stuff is weird but it works. We also have a diaphragm program and we call it that because the idea of singing from the diaphragm is what people have come to know. But I prefer to refer to it as a body connection program. Learning how to utilize the muscles of your whole torso including your pelvis to help you sing with more power and that involves various different breathing and vocal exercises. Finally we have the elite technique singing course where we have a full comprehensive course from beginning to end. We have it in phase one, phase two, phase three. It is like an online school. Phase one is up right now and you learn about basic vocal cord coordination, how to apply a healthy amount of pressure, blending your registers, taking full body breath, foundational things and we build from there. What I like about it is that you can post questions and you can post video clips of yourself and I'll give you feedback. That's a big thing to when you're doing something one your own you're like "I'm not sure if I'm on the right track or not and doing it right." Sometimes what you think is right might be wrong and when you think you're on the wrong track you might be doing the right thing. It helps when you have guidance. And do you also do face-to-face Skype lessons? Yes, I do Skype and I have three associate instructors that are also really good. But I do lessons via Skype. I'm head of the vocal department of the Maryland performance and arts center so I teach classes there. I also teach at Breasia Studios in Laurel MD in the US for adult professional clients.

Awesound TV - Singing Lesson for Beginners with Eric Arceneaux (Part 7/11)

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Awesound TV - Singing Lesson for Beginners with Eric Arceneaux (Part 7/11)


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