Video: deadmau5 - Strobe - Evan Duffy Version (piano tutorial)

✭✭✭✭✭ Here is the piano tutorial for Evan Duffy's arrangement of "Strobe" by deadmau5. Sorry guys. This tutorial will come with midi file only. I had a horrible time with software bugs, crashes and getting the sheets to look right. Fortunately, TheQmara has done an excellent job transcribing the same cover with sheets. His work is available here: The piano arrangement is by Evan Duffy. You can watch Evan's original video here: Original song is by deadmau5 and is available here: Credits / Info: Requested by: Robby Dodds, OfficialPalyndrome, KarimF56 Title: Strobe Artist: deadmau5 Piano Arrangement: Evan Duffy Piano Transcription, MIDI: tilt1981 Tutorial downloads: Software used: Anvil Studio - for editing midi Audacity - for editing audio FL Studio - for editing midi LAME - for encoding mp3 MadTracker - for exporting to midi MilkyTracker - for transcribing song MuseScore - for transcribing sheet music Synthesia - for playing completed song VirtualDub - for editing video/audio

deadmau5 - Strobe - Evan Duffy Version (piano tutorial)

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deadmau5 - Strobe - Evan Duffy Version (piano tutorial)


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