Video: Awesound TV - Singing Lesson with Eric Arceneaux (Part 4/11)

✭✭✭✭✭ Get FREE ACCESS to my music course SUPERNOVA: If you use Gmail, make sure to star mark the confirmation email you will find in your "campaign tap" to receive the course. Facebook: Instagram: For more information on Eric's AApproach method and training opportunities, please visit or find him on YouTube - Perhaps Eric's most notable contribution to the artistic community is his voice training method, The Arceneaux Approach (AApproach). The AApproach was born of years of research that resulted in the revelation that our bodies are actually designed to sing. I don't like to think of voice lessons in terms of "proper" rules and techniques. What I teach is merely a systematic approach for getting out of the way of your own body; most vocal problems arise when we, as singers, try too much to control a process that really would work perfectly fine without our interference. Unfortunately, many vocalists and even voice teachers today adhere to strict dogmatic principles that they force upon their bodies, often despite a lack of positive results! Two phrases that my students hear from me every day: "Don't try to outsmart your body; listen to it". And, "Do LESS!". Truly, your body can be a better teacher to you than any human being, if you just allow yourself to pay attention to what it's showing you. Then vocal training becomes not a matter of "creating" a voice, but rather that of revealing a voice. - Eric Arceneaux Interview I think the worst thing a teacher can do is to impose a personal standard of esthetic beauty on to a student. I have students who do screaming, persian classical, gospel, rock, that are on Broadway. It is not my job to tell them if I like what they're doing and part of being an artist is having a point of view. It's my job to make sure that they can do what they want to do healthily, and that their voice is free so that they can express themselves in the way that they want. So it's not my job to tell them: "You need to sound like this" any more than it is to tell you how to dress. That's your personal choice. Do you want to expand further on that. What is your bigger vision of your AAproach singing course? Basically I believe we are designed to sing. For the last ten years I have been doing a lot of research on anatomy, esoteric disciplines around the world. From stuff as well known as yoga, to practices of sufism, to lifestyle habits of people in Burkina Faso. Basically what it all lead me to when I was trying to find the secret. We're meant to sing. And what I mean by that is. All the techniques that I was discovering was that all techniques that I was discovering were just ways of getting people to do what they were supposed to be doing naturally in the first place. But we fall out of it. It's like postural alignment. At least in this country we have the wrong idea of what it means to sit and stand up straight. We think it means stiff and rigid and we hold ourselves tight. We compress our spine and that restricts our diaphragm. It restricts our rib cage, and before we know it everything we need to sing becomes weaker and people say. I have a weak voice. And you do, but not by nature. Its because you are living a lifestyle that is making it weaker. So what I try to teach my students is to tap into the natural reflexes of their body to reveal the voice that their were supposed to always have. So its kind of like being reborn as a natural singer. The people we see as these natural vocalists are not born with parts that you don't have but they have habits that you don't have. Whether it's by nature or by someone told them. They are doing something different than what you are doing. Sometimes its instinctive so it seems natural but it doesn't mean that you can't do it. That is really what AAproach is about. Teaching you how to use your body. Unfortunately we don't get an instruction manual but I kind of try to provide a human instruction manual that can help you guide your body.

Awesound TV - Singing Lesson with Eric Arceneaux (Part 4/11)

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Awesound TV - Singing Lesson with Eric Arceneaux (Part 4/11)


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