Video: How To Dance In a Club - For Men | Lean and Sway pt.2 (beginner)

✭✭✭✭✭ Dance Floor Confidence: How To Dance For Men is dedicated to not just teaching club dance moves, but showings guys how to actually DO these moves to the music. This way, we can begin to REALLY learn how to dance in a club. I'm dedicated to teaching the best looking, most fun to learn club dance moves for men. Unlike most other 'learn to dance videos', a lot of my tutorials teaches techniques you can use to feel more easy on the dance floor. This way you won't be tensed up or feel self conscious. These tutorials are created for guys looking to learn : - dance moves for nightclub dancing - How to dance with a girl - How to have fun without looking silly Here are some additional, fun resources to check out: Make sure to visit my website for the Dance-Floor Crash Course. This course is created to show guys how to dance in a club. Sign up for the free course here: These beginner dance lessons can be considered as a essential part of men's style. Also: by learning these beginner basics, guys can branch out and learn other types of social dance and ball room dance styles more easily - for example salsa, tango, foxtrot, swing, samba or really any other type of dance. If you follow the directions from the video, these dance moves should be relatively easy to pickup. As an artist and a person who shares his knowledge - my goal is to show guys the fastest way to become comfortable on the dance floor and start having some fun. In addition, by learning these dance moves, guys will be able to approach woman in the club or at bars with more confidence. Check out for more information. Check out the Blog for the Definitive guide to learning how to dance at a club:

How To Dance In a Club - For Men | Lean and Sway pt.2 (beginner)

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How To Dance In a Club - For Men | Lean and Sway pt.2 (beginner)


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