✭✭✭✭✭ GET UNLIMITED COINS SUBWAY SURFERS Tips how to get Unlimited Score and Coins in game Subway Surfers for PC. Unlimited Coins Play Game Subway Surfers with Cheat Engine. So now guys we will be using a simple tool called "Cheat Engine" that will allow us to manipulate the scores on this game, so check below full tutorial. 1. Make sure you have downloaded the Subway Surfers PC version. 2. Now download the respected Cheat Engine that's the main console in this tut. 3. Now Fire Up your game and play for a little while grabbing few coins like 10-20 and then pause the game. 4. Now open your Cheat Engine and now you will see shining computer icon that's the process opening button. 5. Click that and choose Subway Surfers from the menu and press Open. 6. So ok your game has been loaded, just enter the exact coins value in the value field you can see under the First Scan & Next Scan option. 7. Now make sure the Scan Type is "Exact Value" and Value Type is "4 Bytes", now just press First Scan option. 8. It will scan and might slow down your PC depending on your PC speed, now it will show number of addresses in the left hand side column. 9. Now we need to narrow the search, so just resume your game and play for few more coins till you gain till 30-40 now again pause the game and once again search the new value but now press Next Scan with new number. 10. That's it now you will get 1-2 address, so repeat this process till you get one single address and then just double that address. 11. Now your address will get loaded below, just press double click on Value and change the value to whatever you want your coins to be like 9999999, that's it press OK. 12. Now just resume your game again and in 1-2 seconds you will see your new coins updated, yoohoo! you have manipulated the Subway Surfers game with Unlimited coins trick, so have fun and enjoy.


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