Video: Homemade Crafts DIY: Cool Blue Jeans Plant Hanger

✭✭✭✭✭ My mom wrote an article with pics of creating a Sling-Style Plant Hanger so I had to make a video. The video should be able to help you make yours, but click on her link if you need detailed and more complete directions So Cool! Thanks mommy! About Carol Rucker: (My Mom) She is a Cincinnati woman with an artsy/craftsy spirit and a passion for Green-ness. She supports the do-gooders of the world and does everything with a backdrop of TV noise. She is a former 20 year insurance professional. She used to investigate and settle serious injury claims and law suits. She also supervised litigation units in Hamilton County, Ohio and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. That was long ago. Since then she's crafted everything from wedding cakes to jewelry. She's taught jewelry making skills for over 20 years. She writes about arts, crafts, Cincinnati, politics and the latest Green issues (A lot of Green ideas are actually old school like her.) She even writes about insurance claims and liability issues every once in a while.

Homemade Crafts DIY: Cool Blue Jeans Plant Hanger

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Homemade Crafts DIY: Cool Blue Jeans Plant Hanger


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