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✭✭✭✭✭ YOGABATICS Acro Yoga Instructional Video Series Acro Yoga has been sweeping not only Austin but the country and world as well. It is immediately liked by most everyone who sees it. It speaks clearly to human needs/desires of connection, touch & playfulness. It is also awesome to be physically active and do rad things. It's beginnings are old, hard to trace and don't matter, but it was formalized in 2000. This slam-packed full of awesomeness, 10-part video series will guide you in a professional, clear & fun way into an acro practice that will enrich your life and relationships. The series is created to be viewed in sequential order, for each video builds off skills taught in previous videos. 1) Introduction & Spotting 2) Front Bird, Free Bird, & Bow 3) Throne, Easy Throne & Perched Throne 4) Folded-leaf, Folded-leaf Spinal Twist, & Reverse Throne 5) Back-bend, Inverted Bow, & Dancer 6) Straddle-bat, Floating V-sit, & Bat 7) Prasarita Twist 8) Candle-stick & Free Candle-stick 9) Cartwheel & Vishnu's Couch 10) Star Please make sure to watch video #1 first, and enjoy what has become the most wonderful-addiction-ever to many! CREATORS Yogabatics Staff: Grant Shipman, Lead Instructor & Base Tricia Em, Flyer Bill Darling, Assistant Base Film Crew: Grant Shipman, Director Sara Ness, Producer Susie Cansler & Rae Ehrlich, Cinematographers Susie Cansler, Editor Instructional Advisors: Many members of the Austin Acro Yoga Community Yoga Studios: East Side Yoga Studio donated their time & space Four Elements Yoga Studio Funded In Entirety By: AcroYoga Communities Around the World Dr. Amir Ghazi, who supports & educates acroyogis on how to stay healthy & safe Grant Shipman: has been trained & highly benefited by many teachers including the Yogaslackers, AcroYoga Inc, Synergy, YogiDao and AcroYoga MTL. He is certified by AcroYoga MTL.

Acro Yoga Instructional Video Series Part 1 of 10 | Yogabatics

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Acro Yoga Instructional Video Series Part 1 of 10 | Yogabatics


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