Video: How to sing really LOW notes well - Vocal Techniques

✭✭✭✭✭ How to sing really LOW notes well - Vocal Techniques Get Module 1 of my Complete Training Program (13 Audio tracks) FREE here Click here to get your FREE Singing Course! (Includes videos on 1. How to sing high notes, 2. How to sing without breaking, 3. How to sing with power PLUS 7 Bonus Lessons on how to sing Jessie J's Nobody's Perfect) In this video I give a some tips on how to sing really LOW notes with clarity. Often singers are concerned with how to sing high notes but equally important is being able to hit low notes well. The 2 main things singers are lacking when they can't quite hit low notes are: 1. Adequate breath support 2. Resonance in their sound If I don't have adequate breath support, i.e. I am not breathing deeply, then my sound on low notes will be breathy and often inaudible. It will sound weak and pitchy because it is not well supported with a grounded deep breath. In addition, singers often approach low notes heavily. They try really hard to sing heavy on the note which thickens our vocal cords and makes them less flexible and more clunky. This does not help us to produce a clear sound on the low notes. To solve this problem what we need to do is bring the resonance of our sound higher, right into the nose area, i.e. the nasal cavity. This enables us to sing the low notes without sounding harsh or clunky, or weak and inaudible. A great exercise to develop this ability is the "mmmm - ooohhh' 5 note descending exercise. This must be done lightly and brightly with the sound resonating in the mask of the face - i.e. around the nose area in the nasal cavity Get Grounded, Take Flight...and SING! Vocal Coach - Kerri Ho

How to sing really LOW notes well - Vocal Techniques

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How to sing really LOW notes well - Vocal Techniques


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