Video: GANGNAM Style Club Dance Lesson For Beginners

✭✭✭✭✭ For more club dance lessons on DVD/Digital Download, visit How to dance Gangnam Style! I LOVE cheesy dance moves! In this lesson, I teach beginners how to dance the basic Gangnam Style horse dance and break down each part so you can break it out in the clubs. First, we work on the leg movement, add the arms, the switchup pattern, the horse shuffle, and finally put it all together with some transition work. Everything is done slowly and in sections just like all my tutorials. In my other videos, we'll be doing a slow practice, and then I'll show some of the other moves done in the Gangnam Style video, as well as add some other fun moves you can do. PSY's Original Gangnam Style Video : How To Dance GANGNAM Style Tutorial (Practice Lesson): GANGNAM Style Bonus Moves Lesson (Cheesy Dance Moves): More Cheesy Dance Moves: Club Dance For Men: Club Dance For Women: Club Dance Partnering: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook:

GANGNAM Style Club Dance Lesson For Beginners

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GANGNAM Style Club Dance Lesson For Beginners


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