Video: Rainbow Loom : Inverted Fishtail Bracelet - How To

✭✭✭✭✭ This is my first Rainbow Loom tutorial. Even though a lot of you are probably looming pros by now, I'm starting out with simple bracelets - for those of us who are new to the craze. The inverted fishtail bracelet, which is the topic of this video, can be made by using only two pegs - so, you could easily make this style without a loom. My next loom tutorial will be the fishtail. After that, I'll choose some intermediate / advanced bracelets to make. All requests are welcome. :) My single rubber band bracelet tutorial (No Loom): Infinity bracelet tutorial : Add me on INSTAGRAM at SarahLynnTea ((Other accounts : SarahLynnFashion && HopeGlimmers )) SNAIL MAIL ME at my PO Box. Sarah Takacs PO Box 12239 Toledo, OH 43612 Facebook Fan Page: Twitter: Etsy Shop: Ask me questions : Pretty pictures && creative quotes on Tumblr. Comment. Subscribe. Stay Tuned. ♥

Rainbow Loom : Inverted Fishtail Bracelet - How To

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Rainbow Loom : Inverted Fishtail Bracelet - How To


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