Video: [hunter x hunter] |AMV | Official Video Clip [حلمي تحطم واختفى ]

✭✭✭✭✭ My dream crashes and no longer exists 私の夢は崩壊し、もはや存在しない 내 꿈이 부수고 더 이상 존재하지 않는다. ความฝันของฉันยุบลงและไม่มีอยู่อีกต่อไป #hunter Sad but motivational clip The song talks about the crash and break of the dream amid a cloud of despair and sadness and how you have to break these things in order to continue the dream you carry inside you The section talks about the despair and sadness that afflicted the close friends (Kilwa)#(Gon) and how could each of them forget this sad memories and continue on the road to the dream § Anime : Hunter x Hunter Do not forget to subscribe to the channel to reach all new and thank you رابط القناة على فيسبوك Link on Facebook:アニメ-Anime-Officiel-294367544706911/?ref=bookmarks singing :Amy Hitari Writing :Ezzeddine Al-Shuwaikh

[hunter x hunter] |AMV | Official Video Clip [حلمي تحطم واختفى ]

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[hunter x hunter] |AMV | Official Video Clip [حلمي تحطم واختفى ]


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