Video: Transit Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius ( 2018 ) by Subir Talks ( In English )

✭✭✭✭✭ Transit Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius ( 2018 ) by Subir Talks ( In English ) Saturn is retrograding from 16th April to 6th September 2018 in Sagittarius ( Dhanu Rashi ). The impact of Saturn being a big planet , is on all human being. The impact will differ according to the natal chart ( kundli ) of that person. In general to say, Saturn will make the person rethink about his actions which he did and make him realize about the repercussions of it. So accordingly the person should modify his future course of actions in order to overcome or minimize the negative impact of his past actions. Saturn teaches us discipline and correct way to lead a decent life. Donating to poor please Saturn . When Saturn is retro, it is not a time to take short-cuts, but an opportunity to take things slowly and do it correctly the first time around.. or you may find you will be revisiting the project over and over again. It is a time to understand your limitations or limitations of those around you and practice patience. Authority maybe also be an issue at this time, and you may feel like ‘fighting the system’ be it in your family, place of work or the greater sphere of community or government. When Saturn is retrograde there also tends to be a lack of boundaries.. so be mindful of saying YES to everything and then feeling overwhelmed and a loss of power. Take the opportunity during Saturn retro to do some deep soul searching, assess what needs to change and prepare for this change once Saturn moves direct. It is a time to assess our failures, learn from our mistakes and emerge from the introspection with wisdom and understanding. Saturn is the natural 10th and 11th house lord, which indicates Profession and Gains in life. Since Saturn is the planet that governs career in general, a retrograde Saturn can provide opportunities to improve yourself in your career or business. You can easily manifest success in your ventures by having more openness to face challenges. During this period, you need to increase your perseverance and sense of responsibility to witness sustained long-term results. Saturn makes you prefer quality to quantity. Thus, Saturn turning retro in auspicious Jupiter’s house, Sagittarius, helps manifest positive thoughts, rewards efforts and helps experience a new reality in life. One needs to understand the energy level of retrograde Saturn and efforts should be made to make it harmonious. Your consciousness and relationship might face a challenging phase due to astral blockage in various body parts. It might create disconnection and imbalances resulting into loosening the control over senses. Introspection is desirable and you should start an inward journey. During your inward journey, you would have an opportunity to review your ‘inner self’. It might prove therapeutically a tool to detoxify your inner emotions. You express through ego, but in reality ego is a belief, not your real-self. Saturn will guide to feel differently, things won’t bother you much, if you are ready to obey Saturn’s principle. It will give you the strength to tackle unexpected delays, interruptions and hurdles. This is the only planet which does show negativity when it goes retrograde in a horoscope, even if it is otherwise positive in a horoscope. Rest assured, all challenges posed due to retrograde motion of Saturn, simultaneously giving you wonderful opportunities for growth. It would offer you an opportunity of healing, discarding old energies, and change of perception from confusion to clarity, importance of getting centered and focused, minimizing your needs and transition in aware state. Of course, chaos would be created, but you have to pass it slowly with full awareness. Saturn is a wise old sage and the dispenser of justice, so pragmatic approach will always be a boon. With patience, accept your limitations and take things accordingly, if needed slow down your speed. Take this as an opportune time to do some deep soul searching, assess your failures, learn from mistakes and apply your wisdom and understanding to act faster once Saturn moves direct. Now discover what the stars have in store for you while Saturn moves retrograde: Jai Maa Tara ****** My whats app No : 9869345107 *******Facebook : ********My email ID : *********Instagram : subir.talks

Transit Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius ( 2018 ) by Subir Talks ( In English )

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Transit Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius ( 2018 ) by Subir Talks ( In English )


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