Video: EMERGENCY HQ IOS Android Gameplay #1-1080p (intro)

✭✭✭✭✭ The new game in the unique EMERGENCY series! Build your own base and put together the perfect emergency team! Use all the Fire Department, Rescue Service, Police Department and Technical units to master the many exciting missions! Establish your own Headquarters and become the best incident commander of all time! EMERGENCY HQ offers: * Varied and challenging missions on detailed maps * Specialized mission vehicles from all emergency services * Upgrades for buildings and units * Put your skills as a commander to the test against other players in the league * Join forces with other players and establish a Rescue Alliance Start now and show your skills as commander! EMERGENCY HQ can be downloaded and played for free, but some items in the game can only be purchased with real money. An internet connection is required to play. Android : IOS : Thanks for watching, please like share and subscribe my channel.

EMERGENCY HQ IOS Android Gameplay #1-1080p (intro)

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EMERGENCY HQ IOS Android Gameplay #1-1080p (intro)


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