Video: Guinea Pig Bridge! IOS-Android-Review-Gameplay-Walkthrough 1080p Part 5

✭✭✭✭✭ #GUINEAPIGBRIDGE, #GUINEA, #PIG, #BRIDGE, #kql, #kqlwalkthrough If you like this video, do not hesitate to leave a like and subscribe or support me to have more motivation to produce videos for you. thanks. link to below: Link Donate : Guide a group of gullible guineas through a gauntlet of gizmos! Use the power of physics to propel, fling, and bounce them to safety! Featuring an original soundtrack by Parry Gripp, Guinea Pig Bridge! is a whimsical puzzle game that will send you into cute overload. Each level is a lovingly crafted, fully 3D environment full of piggy perils. As the game progresses, you’ll unlock different types of bridge blocks that guineas can interact with in different (and often hilarious) ways. But only the right combination will get them safely from point A to point B, so you’ll have to experiment! Trial and error has never been more adorable—or more derpy—than this. FEATURES * It's cute! * Soundtrack with brand new music by Parry Gripp! * 25 unique guinea pigs to find and collect! * 20+ levels of challenging puzzles! * Adorable 3D art style! * Pig Pen Mode: watch all of your guineas relax, choose your favorites, and dress them up in funny costumes! * Lots of different bridge blocks to experiment with! * Fun non-competitive gameplay! * Suitable for all ages! * ads, no multiple in-app purchases! * Did we mention it's cute? We want to keep bringing you more levels, themed worlds, and other fun features! Help support our small two-person team with a one-time purchase of Guinea Pig Bridge Deluxe, and you'll get all current and future DLC (including costumes). Wheek! Android : IOS : Thanks for watching, like share and subscribe my channel.

Guinea Pig Bridge! IOS-Android-Review-Gameplay-Walkthrough 1080p Part 5

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Guinea Pig Bridge! IOS-Android-Review-Gameplay-Walkthrough 1080p Part 5


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