Video: ScacciaRischi IOS-Android Review Gameplay walkthrough 1080p

✭✭✭✭✭ #ScacciaRischiIOS, #ScacciaRischiandroid, #ScacciaRischiapk, #ScacciaRischikqlgameplay, #kqlwalkthrough, #kqlgames A Dark Enemy plots in the shadows against security at home, at school and at work! Dark DangerBots are manipulating reality to create terrible accidents. It's time to react, it's time to fight! Live a great adventure, Drive a fantastic SafeBot, Become a legendary ScacciaRischi! Visit the Official Website: ScacciaRischi is a videogame brand created by P.M. Studios, based on an idea promoted by Inail Regional Directorate of Puglia and the Health Promotion Department of the Puglia Region, with the precious collaboration of the Regional School Office for Puglia. The goal of the project is to raise awareness among children and adolescents on issues of safety and prevention. In fact, it is aimed at all students of the schools of Puglia, who can participate in a competition with prizes downloading the video games. The initiative is one of the numerous activities that Inail and the Region of Puglia are implementing to promote the dissemination of the culture of prevention, health and safety in living and working environments. The well-known Gamification process that accompanies the unstoppable videogames market (this interactive means of communication has for years overtaken Cinema and Music reaching a global value of over 100 billion USD in 2017) is the basis of our dynamic project that uses the mechanisms of "classic gaming" to capture the attention and the participatory enthusiasm of young people in school-age. Based on the successful experience of Ecowarriors (, the brand "ScacciaRischi" has created a new team of security heroes who, piloting the fantastic "Safebots", will fight against the evil "Dangerbots" the OLYMPIC VERSION Take part in "The Olympics of Prevention" by Scacciarischi and win your school! The prevention olympics is a competition, promoted by Inail and Regione Puglia, dedicated to all students from Puglia for the 2018/2019 school year. Android : IOS : Coming Soon Thanks for watching, like share and subscribe my channel.

ScacciaRischi IOS-Android Review Gameplay walkthrough 1080p

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ScacciaRischi IOS-Android Review Gameplay walkthrough 1080p


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