Video: Alcohol | Joban Sandhu | ST Studio

✭✭✭✭✭ ST Studio presents new party superhit song "Alcohol" by Joban Sandhu. #JobanSandhu #Alcohol #HarleyJosan Song : Alcohol Singer : Joban Sandhu Composer : Harley Josan Lyrics : Vicky Dhaliwal DOP : Jason Numberdar Post Production : Zipsi Studio Photograpy : Hunny Singh & Pulkit Setia PK PR : Mann Production Producer : Sajjan Duhan Project by : Gurpreet Khetla Mixed By : Harley Josan Mastered By : Naweed At Whitfield Mastering, London Online Promotion : Gold Media Directed By : Jashan Nanarh Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Follow us Subscribe for Latest Video ► Circle us on G+ Like us on Facebook Follow us

Alcohol | Joban Sandhu | ST Studio

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Alcohol | Joban Sandhu | ST Studio


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