Video: SKY ASSAULT IOS-Android-Review-Gameplay-Walkthrough

✭✭✭✭✭ #SKYASSAULT, #SKYASSAULTios, #SKYASSAULTapk, #kqlwalkthrough If you like this video, do not hesitate to leave a like and subscribe or support me to have more motivation to produce videos for you. thanks. link to below: Link Donate : The description of SKY ASSAULT The best 3D action shooting game ever! Protect the continent against the enemy's invasions and become a hero! 【 Introduction 】 Unique Hero characters! Different terrains and altitudes present opportunities for strategical gameplay! Exciting battle! A realistic feel to the attacks and fast-paced battles! Engaging gameplay! Put your controls and strategies to the test! 【 Features 】 ▣ Enjoy the game without worrying about Wi-Fi connections or free storage space! ▣ Unique Hero characters - Each Hero uses a unique weapon. ▣ Growth System: Level up and upgrade! ▣ Various missions - Experience Episode, Custom, and various other missions! - Enjoy trying out different strategies based on the terrain and altitudes! ▣ Achievement Point-based Ranking Systems - National Ranking System - Individual Ranking System ▣ Multi Language Service - Enjoy the game in various languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Russian, and more! Android : IOS : Coming Soon Thanks for watching, like share and subscribe my channel.

SKY ASSAULT IOS-Android-Review-Gameplay-Walkthrough

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SKY ASSAULT IOS-Android-Review-Gameplay-Walkthrough


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